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Originally Posted by randomscooter View Post
Even if he's a troll and not just a duped follower of the loony fringe deniers, he's a useful troll. At least I do hope that the time I've spent explaining some stuff will be useful to those who actually are trying to understand this rather large problem. And his unsupportable statements do a good job of crushing the credibility (not that there is any) of the deniers.

And frankly, I disagree with the position that someone who disagrees enthusiastically is a troll. He may be, but from where I stand I'm not seeing it.
I'm neither so knock off the attitude. According to what I read most ALARMISTS have conveniently tried to debunk the flat trend from 1998. They consistently explained that 1998 was an El Nino year. Get it, that's not skeptics but Alarmists that said that. That I assume is the reason why most comparisons of the pause choose either a start point of 1997 or 1996.

Now let's take the gloves off and you give me your best shot as to why there was a big jump in 1998. Enlighten me.

When you're done, follow this link and tell me 1) how is 1998 any different from the previous big ups and downs since the late 1800's and 2) what would cause them?
It wouldn't happen to be natural variation would it?

Click on "the big picture" and scroll down to the 1850 graph.
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