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Flickr can dynamically resize images. In other words, you can upload a full-sized photo (like 4000x3000 pixels) and then have a smaller version displayed.

  1. I have a photo of a hiker at Indian Falls.
  2. I've uploaded it to Flickr in its original size of 4483x2768 pixels.
  3. It is too large to comfortably view in this forum. I need a smaller version.
  4. In Flickr, I click the Share icon and then select "BBCode".
  5. It offers several sizes and I select 540x395.
  6. The resulting link (URL) will dynamically resize the original photo from 4483x2769 to 540x395 pixels.


I can also display smaller versions of the same photo.



To recap, photos stored in Flickr can be displayed in smaller sizes. Upload the photo in its original size and then request a link to a reduced version.

Other photo-sharing services, like Imgur, are also able to dynamically resize images.
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