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I was at a site on Rainbow Narrows a few weeks ago, very windy lots of blow downs on the road up to White Fathers Church. Lots of down wood and no real evidence of tree cutting. But my word beer cans and bottles, we took as many away as we could. The thing that really anoyed me was discarded monofilament fishing line. Again what I found I took back with me. Rant over. I realise it is not my Country and have no right to be judgemental but discarded line can have a huge impact on fauna. I have been coming south to this wonderful part of the world for a number of years and regard my trips as a privilege. I really believe that litterers (is that a Real Word?) are in a minority and that making land accessible can only makes”joe Public”more aware of their heritage.
Look up, and swear by the green of the spring that you’ll never forget.
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