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There are two parking areas right now, the two you mentioned. There are four more proposed.... Four corners, Labier Flow and two between Blue Ridge Rd and the existing parking at the 3 mile gate. I remember the last time I was there, over a year ago, there was a dozer cleaning up a lumber landing. I asked the operator what was up and he said it might be for future parking. I think the last two parking areas on Gulf Brook Rd are for accessing the newly proposed trail systems.
Honestly, my only concerns are:
-Human waste (and "Kleenex Flowers")
-Motorized boats- that, I think, is prohibited so one check mark...

If they can make it work better than Lake Colden in the 70's and Heart Lake now, then I'm all for it. If it becomes a junk show, then they will have really screwed up, and putting the genie back in the bottle will be tough.

Really glad I got there each of the past 2 summers, and I look forward to the new trails.
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