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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Certainly a good point. I was also responding to the suggestion above (not yours) that any land which borders wilderness is wilderness. Obviously illogical - I could as easily say that any land that borders a strip mine should be strip mined.

To your point, though - certainly if the planned development of the private land is shown to damage neighboring state land, that should be prevented / mitigated. But that's what the 7 year (!) review process was about. In 7 years of searching, that problem was not found. Folks here are reacting as though this project was just proposed last week, and was approved "off the cuff" with no reviews.
I think I beg to diuffer aboput no problem being found. If I remember right there was/is a huge concerns about the effect of the runoff on the lake and the long term damage it will do.

In spite of that, because of the economy the wh**es allowed politics to be the deciding factopr and not the facts.
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