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Originally Posted by forest dweller View Post
Yes redhawk, but now it has been approved and there may be little we can do about it but I feel like we're taking this "lying down". This is bad enough but if it sets a precedent and opens the door for more the Adirondacks may be in trouble. It makes me angry. And I'm not even sure it will do anything for the economy of Tupper Lake.

All I know is the state better be ready to balance this out FAST by purchasing what the Nature Conservancy has been holding for them and designating it WILDERNESS, regardless of what the crybaby regressives want. The land BORDERS wilderness - it IS wilderness.

I just think they did this the wrong way. Tupper Lake is not Lake Placid - the town is a downright eyesore and money would have been better spent redeveloping older already developed areas, especially in and around the ski area.
After 7+ years of review nobody is taking anything "lying down". Seems you got to the party very late, in fact, after it was over. Should you have had real concerns about this project you would have discovered it long ago and not after the fact, and not on a discussion forum. Your plattitudes may comfort you, but in reality if you had the concern you express you would have known about this long ago, and might have been able to voice your opinion at a time when it was relevant and constructive instead of besmirching the process and the people who participated in it.

Additionally, I find your comments about the 'eyesore' the community of Tupper Lake is to be offensive. That town is a home to many people, and some of those families have lived there for generations. Just because they aren't financially able to give the town a facelift to comply with what others think is appropriate doesn't give anyone the right to condemn the community as an "eyesore". You should walk a mile in thier shoes before you make a blanket statement about the quality of the place those folks call home. I bet most of them would be less than impressed with your characterization.

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Reminder...this is private property. Your house is a scar on your property, shall we bulldoze it because there is some wilderness nearby?

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