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I also noticed this in the UMP:

The baseline mileage for roads in this UMP is what was legally open for public use at the time of the adoption of the APSLMP in 1972.
This would seem to indicate that that what is proposed in the UMP as far as mileage of open roads is actually the same as what was legally open to the public in 1972. According to The Forest Preserve: A Handbook For Conservationists, 26.2 miles were gifted to the state in 1964 for the purposes of Fish and Game Management. According to the UMP (Appendix 2, Facilities Inventory), 37.95 miles of roads on the MRP are currently open to public motor vehicle use. After the UMP is implemented, this will drop to 27.97 miles, still in excess of the 26.2 miles that were gifted. The bulk of this decrease is the closure of 2.3 miles of Indian Lake Road, and the Otter Brook Truck Trail (4.05 miles, which really doesn't count because it's been gated for 30 years due to it's poor condition). So, granted, it's not he same 26.2 miles, but the public will still have more motor vehicle access than what the gift originally allowed for.
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