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There are two different stocking lists, one is spring stocking, likely what you looked at, and the other shows everything stocked, and usually contains the airstocked brook trout ponds. Cedar got 7,500 fingerlings, South got 1000, West got 3,500, Whitney got 3,500, and Falls Pond, which had been dead for as long as Brook Trout, got 1000, Indian got 2000, Mud got 2000, Pillsbury got 1250. Brook Trout was not listed but from what a recent edition of the Discover guides says, DEC planted fish experimentally, for a couple of years and then found naturally reproduced trout later. If the fish can establish themselves, why stock them? Scuttelbutt says that a lot of small ponds west of Northrup Lake (400 fish stocked) in WCLW have native populations, so not everything back there gets fish.

I suspect that the NYS State record brookie that preceded the Silver Lake fish came from Brook Trout Lake, as DEC would not reveal the name of the waterbody, only that the fish was caught in the West Canada Wilderness. They had no problem, revealing an earlier one came from South Lake in Black River Wild Forest, and I can drive right up to South Lake!
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