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Originally Posted by dundee View Post
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It also benefits the forest to be cut some so it allows new trees too grow better
Old wives tale. The forest got along just fine before we starting messing with it.

The only benefit is to us.
Exactly. I think it's a case of the statement being taken out of context to the point where it's meaning is lost. The forest benefits from cutting in the sense that a managed forest can produce a cultivated crop that is more useful for man's purposes than the crop nature produces. The forest, absent man, is happy as a clam.

Speaking of which, the phrase "happy as a clam" is also a phrase that has lost it's original meaning. Why would a clam be happy? But the original phrase, which has been foreshortened, was "happy as a clam at high tide". High tide protects clams from their predators, hence they are happy. Foreshortening the phrase caused it's original meaning to be obscured.

And that is what clams have to do with lumbering.

I'll clam up now.
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