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Originally Posted by mgc View Post
As with all things Funke (think antler restrictions and alignment with QDMA money) this is funky.
How much money do you think QDMA has to throw around with politicians? Moreover, do you have proof that QDMA is giving Funke lots of money to influence his decisions, or are you happy to let the subtle implication remain as is? I understand AR's aren't popular; I also know that a lot of NY deer hunters aren't very happy with the lack of big mature bucks in this state. You can't have your cake and eat it too...

Originally Posted by mgc View Post
First, it removes the Cbow instruction from the basic HE course but it does not specifically add it to the Bowhunter Education class where (presuming the implement is not treated as a bow) it should be taught.
Second, flying in the face of the established data that most hunting related incidents are due to climbing or exiting tree stands (6 NYS fatalities last year vs. 1 firearm related) it removes the ground hunting restriction for youth hunters. That is supinely ignorant:
Section 12 - amends ECL 11-0929 removes the provision that the minor
hunter and his or her chaperone remain at ground level while hunting.
Finally, this does not address the status for Bowhunting certification for current Cbow users who have used the self-certification and Muzzleloading privilege...
It is implied that to use the Cbow that Bowhunter Ed is required (that course is required to purchase the Bowhunting privilege) but it does not address what happens to the current Cbow users. It looks like there will a run on Bowhunter classes, already in short supply.
No one should hold their breath for this shart...
When was cross bow education ever part of the basic Hunter Education course? I don't recall any coverage of that subject; maybe a few minutes of verbal discussion but certainly no hands on.

Also, I have absolutely no problem with youth hunters going up into tree stands, so long as the proper safety precautions are taken. The fact is, tree stand hunting is the most effective way to take deer (especially with a bow) in much of NY due to the nature of the terrain and vegetation. I'd rather have a youth hunter learn how to hunt from a tree stand safely rather than have him/her get hurt trying to figure it out alone.
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