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Lot’s of discussion here:

Ref - Tree Stands: Expect more tree stand safety and education from DEC, whether it’s in the regs guide or part of the hunter-ed curriculum, as it was when I took the course in 1988. Although I seldom stand hunt, they’re here to stay and all hunters should know the ins and outs.

Ref - QDMA: I hold nothing against the organization, I’m actually a member, but I’m not involved in a co-op or anything similar. Their annual reports are good, solid info that every deer hunter should read. I do think much of the general hunting public, at least those opposed to ARs, simply think that is all QDMA is about. Which is not the case. I have seen some distasteful behavior among a few co-ops, or individuals within them, but you can't judge the national organization by that.
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