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Basic Hunting Questions/your opinions

MGC, simply by going into the wilderness with a firearm you are assuming more risk than say someone who is just going for a nature stroll.

There is definitely more risk associated with hunting, tree stand usage being but one of many of those risks. I donít say any of that to discourage new hunters but rather to emphasize the individual responsibility that must be assumed.

Havenít taken the bow education course but I will soon. I saw minimal tree stand instruction in the basic hunter education course and I took that only a few years ago. The basic course was a joke; Iím not marginalizing the efforts of the instructors (I was fortunate to have a good one), but there were a lot of people who took the course. Practical application was limited, material was simple, testing was easy and Iím pretty sure everyone passed.

Iíve seen how the youth hunters get mentored. The hands on experience and personalized feedback they get is far superior to what I got in the course.

Tree stands can be dangerous. Let the mentors teach the youth hunters on how to effectively mitigate that danger. Forcing the youth to avoid that topic does them a disservice. And itís really not something that needs to be over regulated.

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