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Originally Posted by forest dweller View Post
.. I zoomed into the entire park, ... selected download ... Entire park is about 155 MB. Sound about right?
Sounds about right for one level of magnification. Attempts to magnify that map will produce no details. You can demonstrate this for yourself by activating airplane mode and trying to magnify your downloaded map.

For raster maps (what you're using), each level of magnification ("zoom level") is essentially a separate map. Higher magnification/zoom levels obviously show more details and therefore occupy more storage space.

That's why Johnny Virgil's "zoom 6-15" produces a map occupying 1.5 Gb of storage space.

This is explained in step #5 of the link I posted above.

5. Make*sure to adjust max zoom levels. Note: more zoom = more detail you will be able to see on the downloaded map. However, the*amount of space the map will take up on your device also increases.
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