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Originally Posted by Connecticut Yankee View Post
The bridges at White Pine Camp. When I was a student at PSC I lived at "The Pine" 69/70, We, the students living at the camp, rebuilt the long bridge that year. Good to see it's still there.

John M. A Connecticut Yankee
I saw the dormitory you likely stayed in as a student, many parties took place there I'm sure. My brother and his wife like to spend time at WPC, we've been there several times. They especially like the Hermit's Hut. Our family rented the main lodge, both sides of it for all of us to celebrate the coming of Y2K. Lynn, the caretaker, was very nervous about what was going to happen on Y2K. She wanted us to fill the bath tubs and asked about GMT (the time the power company kept). Strangely, I found my way to the power panel main switch in the basement at 7:00PM (Midnight GMT). Seconds later my brother said "it really happened". But my niece knows me too well. It didn't take her long to figure out why it really went dark and to call out my name.

Someplace in the archives I have many photos of that bridge in all seasons.
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