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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Looking pretty cool Mike, thanks again for keeping us posted on the project!
I know that you mentioned that this is a "practice" build, and I hope you don't mind if I go ahead & request perhaps a little more video tutorial included during this, or the next build. More specifically...I'm thinking it might be helpful with some of those finer details, like the "wetting out" & "tucking" process. Just thinking out loud (so-to-speak). Keep up the great work!
I just finished wetting out the carbon/kevlar sleeving on the future thwarts.
I will be applying short sleeves to strengthen the thwart to gunnel joints. Other than that, I'm all done with wet outs on this build.
Unfortunately, I don't own a GoPro or such. I do have a smartphone that does videos, but I don't want to cover it in hands occasionally get pretty sticky (or the gloves do).

But, but, you're welcome to stop by to start your apprenticeship. I don't expect to live forever, so I gotta pass these skills to as many as possible!!

With that said, here is a quick look at tonight's efforts.

Future thwart, carbon/kevlar sleeve over 4 lb/cu ft Divinycell foam, dry

Future thwarts fully wetted out

Bottom of carbon fiber seat, with added foam rails for future attachment to seat pedestals

Close up of foam rail (to be glass reinforced) showing Cabosil thickened epoxy and fillets

Stripperguy's Photos (sort of)
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