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Added foam rails to the bottom of the Alan Gage carbon seat.
Added Cabosil thickened epoxy fillets on the foam/seat interfaces.
Used 6 oz glass to wrap and reinforce the foam seat rails.
Thwarts are done. Center thwart has 2 layers of carbon/kevlar sleeve over 5 lb/cu inch Divinycell.
Short thwarts have 1 layer of carbon/kevlar and 1 layer of borrowed from my S-I-L carbon over the same foam.
Epoxied and filleted in placed, but not before sliding a pair of short sleeves over the thwarts.
Wet out the short sleeves to reinforce the thwart/gunnel interface.

Still need to fabricate the seat pedestals.
I won't locate the pedestals until I test paddle the hull and find the right spot for the seat.
That might be Sunday or Monday, weather permitting.
Oh, and I weighed the hull, complete with thwarts and seat (but no seat pedestals)...27.5 lbs.

Until then, here is a photo history of all that I've described above.

Stripperguy's Photos (sort of)
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