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Today is the day! I Took the carbon copy Kite to the Mohawk River and gave it a test paddle to see where I should put the seat pedestals.
As it happens, we had a delivery this morning of a custom glass shower door. It was crated with some 2 by's and closed cell foam glued to the inside.
So I used the parts of the shipping crate to make a temporary seat pedestal. The foam sits against the hull, protecting it from the 2 by's and prevents the whole mess from sliding around.

And I was concerned that I might have put the center (almost center? central?) thwart in the wrong end. It's really hard to keep track of bow and stern, so I dragged out the red Kite for a side by side.

It was still hard to tell, so I grabbed a couple forms, and phew, I had it correct!
A while later, after MDB baked me some birthday peanut butter cookies, I loaded the carbon copy on the racks and drove 8 minutes to the Mohawk River, at Lock 7.
Fiddled around with the seat location while MDB watched to see if I was trimmed out or not.

I suppose I should be excited, but the carbon copy handles like, uhmmm, a carbon copy of the original! I guess it's doing what it should.
Satisfied that the seat placement will be OK, I brought the boat back home. Time to build up the seat pedestals and finish the portage thwart that I started last year.

Oh, and I finished the first foam/E-glass test patch. 2 full layers of 6 oz on each side of 1/8" H80 Divinycell foam. It weighs 1-1/2 times more than the carbon/E-glass test patch, but is incredibly stiff. Looking back on this thread, I see the shell gained 6 lbs when I added the foam stiffening and carbon overlay.
Almost the same, advantage still for the carbon. I plan to make a few more test panels with varying weights of glass and different number of layers.
I'll also model the various laminates in Inventor, using real engineering properties, so I can close the loop on these test panels.
I'm fairly sure that I can produce a better hull using foam and glass exclusively. We'll see...
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