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Originally Posted by kyle View Post
My opinion is leave the boats there if people want to use them they can do it at their own risk. I would also suggest start removing things from old lumbering camps and hunting camps fist as most of that stuff is useless where some of the boats can still be used


There are two separate issues that evolved over this lengthy thread. When I originally posted, I felt the amount of decrepit, unsafe and abandoned boats should be considered trash and removed. Then others expanded the topic to state pros and cons of the boats remaining that might still be functional. A large group seems to think this is Adirondack tradition and that it is ok as long as they are not chained up for others to use. Another group feels that it is no different than littering and if you carry it in, then carry it out. No ones mind ever gets changed on these forums but I was surprised by how much interest (and passion) the topic generated.
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