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Originally Posted by runslikeajohndeere View Post
How exactly would we haul the boats off the bottom? if we did want to clean up a pond/lake?

Why are there so many boats with holes in them? I've never ruined any of my boats over the years to this extent. Is it malicious?
A lot of the sunk boats are sunk intentionally, with a rope to shore so they can be pulled in, emptied, and used again. Or someone swims out and raises the boat that way. Water acts as a preservative, iron based parts will not oxidize as rapidly if they are not in the air. Check out the guitars being made from rescued logs, old wood that did not rot because it was not exposed to the air.

Then you have people who think it is OK to shoot signs, a boat is similar. OR guys from Vermont who just like to destroy boats because they find them offensive, and then wonder why some of us are down on out of staters. ; )
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