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Canoe rack for truck cap?

So the next boat I'm getting is gonna be a 14' Radisson... which I need a way to transport. I've got an 06 tundra with a fiberglass cap on a 6 1/2 ft bed, and I just toss my hornbeck in the back and let it hang out to get it around, which is the same thing I used to do with my old town pack, both boats are small enough that that works ok, but a 14'er is gonna be too big for that to work. So, I need a rack of some type. I would prefer to get a rack that I can install myself and have been looking at the thule ones, but I could go with anything that works. Has anybody installed a rack on their cap? Anybody have preferences on what works? any pointers? I've got till iceout to get this figured out, so lemme know what you guys think.
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