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I have an '00 Tundra with a 6.5 foot box. I installed fake raingutters and my existing Yakima bars.

There are a couple of options. One is to have a rack on the cap and another on the cab.This has the advantage of both stems overhanging the front and rear and you can use low towers. I live on a camp road and access canoe areas on logging roads. There is too much twisting with that arrangement.

So both racks are on the cap. One thing about that arrangement is in order not to hit the top of the truck you will need high towers. And the stern of the boat overhangs the back so parking in congested areas can be an issue. As I live in the woods, its not an issue for me. Travelling I back into motel parking spaces.

My cap is an '00 Jeracho. Its not cracked. I managed to lose track of the bars under a foot of snow and drove into a low overhead garage ripping both racks off. The fake raingutters were bent so we decided to replace them. There was no damage to rack or cap.
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