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I can't think of anything that size that's bright yellow -- though people (including me) often overestimate size. Was it yellow all over, or what parts? Female orioles, and Great Crested Flycatchers, have lots of yellow (the flycatcher, bright yellow bottom), but they've probably migrated by now. The male Evening Grosbeak has lots of yellow, but it tends to be a duller yellow. You might try googling them or checking a field guide, and seeing if they look right. If it really was 14-16 inches, mostly bright yellow, with very long tail feathers, your guess of an exotic might be right. What was it doing? Mostly on the ground? If not, where in the forest was it -- low branches, trunks, higher up? What were the wings like? Did it have other colors anywhere? Crest? Wing patches?

Other thought: could it be from the Elk Lake property? Does someone there have a collection of pheasants or parrots or suchlike?
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