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Originally Posted by RichieC View Post
Somebodies pet... and an expensive one at that... perhaps raised for its feathers which are called for in various patterns of Flies for fishing. Though a Golden Pheasant crest is not particularly expensive and are available everywhere... I have 2.

The bird in the video is not a golden pheasant, they have much more orangeish-red sides... but a Yellow Golden Pheasant. From what I found online - they are not found outside of captivity... doubt it will make it through the winter

In any case, a particularly beautiful bird...
Yeah I just did some research myself and thats definitely what we saw. I have a pretty clear picture of it on my camera. It was letting us get within 5 feet of it before it would scurry away. We followed it down the trail for around 10 minutes. We were joking about how it seemed so out of place that it might be someones pet. Seems like it actually might be which is sad. I wonder how it would have gotten up there though?
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