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Originally Posted by Grey-Jay View Post
Several reports I have of bear families along the road in the Old Forge area last week.

Although perhaps a high density there, assume bears in this region used to easier food sources from many camps, campgrounds, restaurant dumpsters, etc?
Old Forge, and most ADK towns, seem to have a good understanding on bear proofing. I don't hear about too many bear nuisance complaints up there, but I'd imagine with all the tourist activity there, enough food and trash is being left behind for some bears to find.

Also, Old Forge has a concentration of tourists throughout the year relative to most other areas of the ADK's (excepting maybe Lake Placid and the High Peaks area). More people = more opportunities for bears to be spotted. I wouldn't be surprised if many of these sightings were based on the same bear, but seen by different people at different times.
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