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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I don't have much respect for people who steal. Food is one thing, but stealing personal property for any reason is another thing.
From what I've gathered only reading the first few paragraphs from the link in the original post, he was basically a homeless person living in isolation, and they've been trying to catch this guy for a while. Thankfully they did, or I'm sure he would've continued to take things that do not belong to him. Same goes for Alan Como.

I don't ever remember reading about guys like Noah Rondeau and French Louie being thieves. In fact, I think I remember reading that people would steal from them. Just saying. I know things are much different now.

I'll read the rest of the article, and click the other links when I get a little more time. Gotta go for now.
Don't know about French Louie. I do know that Noah poached a lot as well as set up a permanent campsite, which was illegal. So he was not above the law either. Is a lawbreaker a lawbreaker? Or only when the laws they break fit into our own judgement?
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