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Hey duckholes!!

Just kidding, (sorry if that's bad humor) I am new here, and not trying to tick anybody off, just want to throw my name into the hat for helping somehow with this ridiculous little issue. It seems like if they shut down one subway for a day, or gave just a day's toll money from one of the $10 toll bridges in NYC to the right organization, then duck hole could be preserved for at least another 75 years.

I have not thought about Duck Hole in years. I woke up this morning, (Tuesday, 7/24/07) with an image in my mind. It was the view of Duck Hole and the Island from the Lean-To. I was there in probably July of 1989 or 1990. I got on the internet this morning seeking a picture of it and found some great pictures, along with this website.

Duck hole is a place of legend to me. I have hiked and canoed all over the Adirondacks. I was active in Boy Scouts and attended summer camp in Brant Lake at Curtis S. Read Boy Scout Reservation. The High Adventure Camp, Summit Base, was kind of headed up by an older fella names Ken Smith and his wife (name has escaped me). I am not sure if Ken is even with us anymore. We all thought he was the coolest. He had been on trips/treks/expeditions all over the world. We had just been informed that our week-long hiking trek would be on the
Northville-Placid Trail. To us, my scout-buddies and I, because we just wanted to go camping, it didn't really make a difference where we were going, until Ken Smith sat us down and spoke to us about the gift we had, because of the fact that we were going to pass through Duck Hole, the Rondeau Hermitage, and the land of Santa Clara Lumber. He gave a speech a few days earlier about the CCC and their extensive work in NYS as well, so we knew that they had done some work in that area. We already knew of his adventures and experiences, and when he spoke about duck hole, his eyes teared up. He told us that we would be going to one of the places on earth that he had never been, and that we should consider ourselves (10 or so scouts and 2 adults) privileged, if not graced by God. He told us about the numerous sets of circumstances that prevented him from reaching duck hole over the years.
We took what Ken told us to heart. That place meant something to all of us even though none of us had ever been there. From the minute we got out of the van and unloaded our gear we all anticipated reaching Duck Hole.
We hiked for days before arriving there. Our guide had planned so that we would have some lag time at Duck hole. We knew that we could relax upon arriving there. I remember coming up to the clearing. I remember seeing the mirror-like waters, and the island out there in the middle. There were Loons all over the place. My God, it was so beautiful. We swam to the island, explored around the shores, and had a great time there. Duck Hole has a special place in my heart as being a place that I can say I have been and know that there are so many that don't even know it exists. It is a little piece of Heaven up there, that's for sure. I will make it back there, I am making myself that promise today. I will take my wife and two boys there someday. I need to find a way to help make sure it is there when I am ready to go back. I am going to write to DEC Commissioner Sheehan, and Senator Little for starters.
I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana right now. Helping from 1500 miles away might prove a bit challenging, but I want to help, guys. Please let me know what I can do.
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