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I was snooping around the web a little for a reply to something Kevin told me about DEC feeling that Duck Hole is a Fiscal Nuisance in another thread (worth reading), and I came across some pictures.

This is the website:

I am wondering if you guys have seen these, and if they are in fact the dam at duck hole.

If they are, go with me here...
It was repaired by the CCC. Other works of the CCC are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places (example: CCC Shelter, Pokagon State Park, Indiana)
Can we get Duck Hole recognized as an Historic Place somehow?

We need to get the DEC commissioner and The Senators out there for a night of peaceful September slumber in the lean-to, where they can be awoken by the loquacious, laughter-like call of the resident loons and have a cup of warm TANG while watching the sun rise over the gorgeous horizon.

Then see if they still want to call it a NUISANCE!!!!!!
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I've swam in Duck Hole, have you?
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