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Originally Posted by 1ADAM12 View Post
This is awesome thanks Gary and to all others involved.

So if the State cannot fund the Duck Hole project how much money do "WE" need to raise to put a dent in this project?

I'm thinking we would need a pretty good sum, but not as much as the D.E.C. estimated. A lot of the cost is the coffer dam, and getting material on site, as well as removing and re-filling the boulder cribs. We need volunteers who know how to hand hew logs, and we need someone who knows rigging to build a crane on site, much like they did to load ships hundreds of years ago. We need the DEC to give this project there blessing. We need a lot, but it is doable.
We need to solve the problems one at a time, and then take everything we've accumulated, and bring it to the table for the DEC. If we bring funds, skilled craftsman, knowledgeable people to engineer a crane, that makes the DEC's job much easier, and helps them to find it hard to say no...
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