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Originally Posted by geogymn View Post
there is nothing like being in the springtime woods in the early morning. Whilst sitting there waiting for a bird look at the green canopy. How many shades of green are there? Could you ever paint such a picture? One in such a quandary is blessed.
Up home here in St. Lawrence County... Got out this morning with a friend and his grandson. It was his property and I had not scouted it so it was a bit of a poke and pray hunt. We located a roosted bird on the way in. It was really close so we settled down about 80 yards away on the edge of an adjoining pasture. I put a couple hen decoys out in the because we needed to draw the bird across towards us...the surprise came when his horses decided that they wanted to play too. One was snorting at the decoys and several of them needed to nudge them with their noses. By the time they lost interest and moved on, so had the bird. The youngster lost interest after a while so we were not able to stick it out....
I managed to get another bird to work towards us but it didn't happen fast enough for the little guy. He headed back out of the woods. My friend and I stayed for a while longer..a young doe got interested in us and our decoys and came within 10 yards, once from the front and once from the back...
If he goes back tomorrow he should be able to connect....but really, getting out together this morning, sitting in the woods and watching the sun come up, chatting about things once we decided to hang it up, looking over his guns at the house....that was about as good as it gets without plucking feathers.
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