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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
I had wanted to buy a GoPro a couple of years ago, primarily to document when I canoe race on the Yukon River. But the limited battery life is what put me off. Even if I use it in interval mode for individual shots, as confirmed by GoPro Tech, battery is draining the same as if it was in movie mode. Plus the maximum interval is only 60 seconds. I would have preferred a longer interval between shots. Doesn't make sense, but that battery drain makes it of very limited use for me to make the investment. I would have to invest as much in batteries as the entire camera, and not be able to change them while racing anyway.

I will still consider the 5th generation that is supposed to be much better, but its release, originally scheduled for last year, has been delayed for more than a year.

I noticed a link somewhere... for time lapse. Thing is, even at 20 seconds, watching back at 24 frames a second, the video becomes almost unwatchable with a moving subject. Kinda needs something stationery, like a sunset against an unmoving horizon... where the movement is not on the camera's side, to be comfortable to watch- but that is up to you. LOL, I shot a four wheeling trip on a back dirt road at a long interval, and when played back, i had to look away! Like space mountain in high gear! It won't be smooth... but perhaps if you hesitate on each frame for a period of time it will smooth it out.

Google "intervalometer GoPro" this is what you need to search for to precisely address your concerns. There are several third party solutions I have found that "GoPro" may not support or endorse- thus why it wasn't mentioned.

Here are two to get the ball rolling.

Actually, thanks for bringing it up as I found it quite interesting!
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