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I just want to let the camera run in a relatively long interval to get several hundred random location shots that I can choose from during major portions of the 1000 mile race. I'll have a separate camera to infrequently manually use for those extra special location shots when I can afford to stop paddling for a brief time. But since the GoPro drains battery in interval mode as if it is always "on", it is not practical to carry enough batteries to last the majority of the 6 days.
you can tell the camera to power up and start shooting in whatever mode you want... so set the default operation to 'time lapse', pick an interval, and then set the power up to 1 touch or something. mount the camera in a convenient location, and when you want to take a photo, hold the power until it beeps. it powers up and starts snapping... let it run for a minute or more, depending on your interval... and then when your hands are free power it down. you can make that charge last a long time. maybe not 6 days on 1 battery, but you can certainly get 2 days out of 1 battery with selective shooting (more than you would get otherwise pulling the camera out...).
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