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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
Again, I checked with GoPro tech directly, two different years, and they both told me that as long as it is in interval mode, it is consuming power continuously and wont last any longer than if it was in movie mode.
yes, if you leave it on, it consumes power. if you do the '1 touch' setting, it is shutting down and powering up. leaves you lots of battery capacity to stretch over multiple days. depending on how long you leave the interval running. you setup to shoot as soon as it powers up, and the default shot is interval... so it consumes battery when you are shooting. you could shoot video if you wanted - its all the same to the camera (but 1 photo every X second will consume less storage then video...)

they make a key fob sized remote, but you need to keep the camera's wifi on to use it. it takes a battery hit, not sure how much of a difference from just leaving the camera on, or in wifi only. i have one, works well once setup, but haven't used it for long duration events.

the hacks and 3rd party options are likely your only option here, if you don't want to manually press a button on the waterproof housing.

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