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Originally Posted by ganeale58 View Post
One more question for all you vetrans around here. I have hiked Buck Mountain (the mountain to the south of Panther and Buell, not the one Lake George), and I have found an old marked trail (Marked with disks nailed into trees).

Does anyone know where to find maps of old abandoned trails? I followed this trail for a ways, and gps'd most of the markers on the trail.

Some of the disks have been replaced with beercan labels, and they are a bit easier to see. Thanks for any info.
This site has old topo maps covering the Adirondacks, but none of them show a trail leading to Buck Mt. The quad you need is Indian Lake, and they have maps from 1899 and 1954. The 1954 topo shows a dirt road going up Little Squaw Brook just south of Buck, but that's it.

Curiously, the 1899 topo shows that southwest summit of Buck to be almost 500 feet taller than the 1954 topo. But the rest of the points along the ridge between Buck and Panther have accurate heights. Somebody was very confused.
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