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Originally Posted by Bob K View Post
Curious, I looked up Barge Cement and while Ace sells it, several reviews were like this one:

Comments about ACE HARDWARE BargeŽ Glue Cement (DA081):

I have used BARGE for many years. It was used in Fisher Body for auto doors and arm rests, and it worked - it was the only one that did. If I had known the formula was going to change I would have stocked up on the original one, now I can't find it. The new formula don't work, it just made BARGE another glue like all the other mediocre brands out there. Elmers works better at less cost.

May not work like the original. Someone referenced the removal of Toluene as possible reason for lesser performance.
Interesting comment about the formula changing. I haven't noticed a decrease in performance, and Elmer's is definitely not better for glueing boots.

Last year I used some to glue a large velcro patch on a hip belt to keep a water bottle holder in place, and a couple hundred miles later it's still perfect - better than sewn on.

The removal of VOCs from many products is no doubt more environmentally friendly, but some don't work nearly as well. Paint is a good example, besides adhesives.
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