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Glen, I already indicted what would change my mind. It seems that I'm the exception here however.
I respect your opinion and as I stated I'm not trying to change anyone's. In fact I've always tried to respect other's opinions no matter the subject. I've always felt that way.
Here's a story.
Many years ago a Jehovah Witness knocked on our door. My father spent 1 hour debating the guy. After he was done I asked him why. He said it was fun. To me it was a huge waste of time. That was 40 years ago and I still feel that debating never changes anyone's opinion. As I say I'm presenting the other side so others who have not decided can judge for themselves.
I can accept that someone thinks I'm dumb but I think it rude for them to publicly to say it.
What I can't accept is if someone accuses me of working for Big Oil or the 1% or comparing me to holocaust deniers (no one has done it in this forum). Also when I hear that the science is settled and the debate is over I get a little ticked off and know I'm being fed a line of bull.
Time will prove either you or I right one way or the other. Fortunately science isn't decided by opinion.
Since this is beginning to remind me of my father I will end it here although I reserve the right to post something here if its interesting or adds to the discussion.
Have a nice day.
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