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Hudson Gorge access & Campgrounds

The gorge has limited access by foot & I don't know about fishing. The most popular trail is Blue Ledges a 2.5 mile hike from Northwoods Club Rd, a 7 mile drive (mostly dirt) W of rt 28N near Minerva. Moderate hike with perhaps 1/2 mile of river access. You won't likely be alone on weekends. Note that some commercial raft trips on the Hudson stop here so tranquility can be shattered by many people at once (for 30 minutes).

The newly opened OK Slip Falls trail (Rt 28) is 3.2 miles to the falls (from parking lot). There is a trail to the river from there (short but steep). I don't know about river access there. Worth seeing falls & surely less people at the river.

I think there is a private campground on Rt 28 (on S side of rd) either just N of North Creek or further W just up the hill after leaving the Hudson. Can't remember name or find on Maps.

FWIW, I've stayed at multiple NY State campgrounds and never had a bad staff encounter. Harris Lake (Newcomb) is a great location & considered above average for NY State. Many sites are close together from my one trip there.

Other Hudson access either upstream or downstream of the gorge require less walking, but no big walls to see. Blue Ledges worth seeing once & a nice place to swim in summer.
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