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My brother and I picked up a topo on that area and I mapped out a way to trek in way before the Blue Ledges TH. Its about halfway from the bridge of the Bouquet R. to the TH. and the Blue Ledges. Its a bushwhack but in the late fall it was easy. Followed a small feeder stream as we got to the rim of the gorge. It was pretty steep going down to the Hudson R. but we made it and we fished it all the way down to the RR tracks bridge. Caught a lot of rainbows/browns mix all between 9-14" and my brother hooked a nice big hooked jawed Brown over 20"...Nice,beautiful rugged area, be careful about where you place your feet, easy ankle breakers all around. Then, we hiked up the RR tracks and then up the road to my truck. About a 7 or 8 mile RT trek. Would`ve been a monster 11 miler starting at Blue Ledges.
Most of the trout were just hanging behind bigger than the average boulders. Good luck ,not a bad trek. Might need to be in some shape . Rough country in there. Planning wisely, we went after the rafting season was over. Which is important. I think most or all Rafters are done after Columbus Day.One more thing, I saw a narrowing of land on the topo between the dirt road and to the river and then I found a creek bed that followed in the direction down into the gorge,but the declination down into to the gorge is pretty interesting, a lot of tree grabbing..haha! btw, you should be able to see that on a topo yourself. It saves you a ton of hiking. But, the loop is quite large. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.


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