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Originally Posted by ADK_Dreamer View Post
I really enjoyed this. What a great idea. I am a classical musician, so don't know this piece of music you selected (although I'm guessing it might be called 'Comin' Home'). Your choice of music was excellent and placement of still photos.

Where was that final water fall at end of video? Looked very tempting for a swim!

Funny, I am from Toronto, but whenever we drive down the opening stretch of highway and especially into the Loj (about 9 years now), I have this overwhelming sensation that I'm 'Comin home'. It makes no sense, but there is a warmth and feeling of relaxtion that takes over.
thanks a lot! The end waterfall is at hanging spear falls, 1 mile south of flowed lands. Thought the song was fitting. I just posted a new video too. Hopefully it's just as good
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