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Originally Posted by snapper View Post
Coldfeet - If you see this in time, the forecast for the Utica area is for frost on Sunday morning so I'm sure you'll definitely see chilly temps at Fish Creek. Be sure to pack your woolies and maybe an extra quilt; at least for your wife!

Until next well.

Shhh! Don't tell her but I packed her rain boots and my hot tent set up! Whoo hoo!

Last year I gave her my 5f bag and will do that again. My friend Watersypder is setting up my Eureka family tent today and we will leave around 2:30 tomorrow morning. My hot tent is an old canvas Sears type that I had a stove jack sewn it. Picked up a small kni-co wood stove. Think I will set it up as a warming tent for those to sit inside for some early warmth. Reminded me just now to grab some poles. thanks
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