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I am at your service...

Understanding uploading images is complicated. That's why we were going to write some FAQ for one specific, free, software so everybody could be on the same page with how to do it.
I would tell you that the free software we were looking at is Irfan view
we were talking about giving instructions for resizing using this software, and hopefully it will help.

How do I resize an image with Irfan View?

Just briefly, if you download Irfan view, open a picture in Irfan view, click on,
*image* in the tool bar, then *resize* then type in 350-375 for a pixel size for the largest number. put in *72* in the box that says *DPI* Then click OK and the image will resize.

Then in the new window (resized image) go to *file* then *save as* and rename the image by just adding a *1* at the end of the name. Save it as a jpeg file, in the *save as type* box below *File name*. Save it to the desktop which you do by clicking on the down arrow next to the *save in* window. and WA-LA! Your new resized image is on the desktop ready to upload to the forum!

How do I know if my file size is to big?

If your image is saved to the desktop, as instructed above, right click on the desktop icon of the image, and click on *properties* that will give you the file size and dimensions of the image. Your file size should be under 85kb for folks with dial-up to download the image. If it is too large, resize again, by reducing the size of the image, reducing the quality in the *JPEG/GIF save options*on the right, or the DPI as instructed above.

My computer takes forever to download pictures.

If your computer takes a long time to download pictures (dial-up), go to the top of the page on the forum, Click on *user CP* in the column on the left click on *Edit options*. Scroll down to *Thread Display Options*. You will see *Number of Posts To Show Per Page* Click on the down arrow and set for *5 posts per page*. That should speed things up due to loading less information on each page.


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