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And now for something completely different...

Gary did a good job describing how to scale photos for the forum on a Win PC. How about our Macintosh friends?

It's really not so different. There are numerous applications out there, shareware and freeware if you can't afford something like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. GraphicConverter is a feature packed inexpensive shareware application that is very handy, among others.

No matter what computer and software you use, you should first consider cropping the photo to get the size of the file down.

Every Mac sold in the past several years comes with iPhoto already installed. I'll describe the procedure using the older iPhoto version 2 which goes back a couple of years. It's even easier with later iPhoto versions.

From a digital photograph imported into iPhoto, click to select the photo.
- Make a duplicate photo before editing (click under the "file" menu).
- Then crop as needed using the iPhoto cropping tool found at the bottom of the window. To use, click the tool, draw a rectangle around your subject, click the tool again. Note that you can constrain proportions (aspect ratio) if you so choose.

Under the "file" menu select "export".
- Select the "File Export" button,
- Choose format jpg
- Click on "scale images no larger than:"
- Type in 320, the second number will automatically change to preserve the aspect ratio.
- Click the "filename" button and then hit "export".

To check the size of your saved photo, select the saved file and "get info" under the "file" menu (or just click apple-i). If it is too big, go back and change the 320 to something smaller.

Drag the photo to your forum post and that's it.
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