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I was at "Big Pond" the other day. Decided to drown a worm behind a number 1 gold wobbler. Caught and quickly released two lip hooked fish. The third, a nice 14" beauty, also lip hooked was bleeding internally quite a bit. I couldn't figure that out. Rather than let it die in the water, I kept it. The first trout I have kept in years.When I cleaned it I found a hook and worm in its damaged stomach (I imagine from one of the other three boats fishing). But to the point....the stomach was filled with midge pupa/larva. I have also caught fish there on nymphs and leech/ bugger patterns behind a wobbler. But never on strictly fly patterns like streamers and nymphs.

As VT suggested a suspended midge pupa might work at the correct depth. Maybe in the fall when the water temps are friendlier. It really is too warm right now.
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