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I posted early in this discussion and in spite of the somewhat heated comments that followed, nothing has changed my mind about burning modest amounts of incidental paper or plastic in a good fire. Don't forget, paper is wood, so unless you are against any fire (and some are for sure) I don't see how you can be against burning paper. Apparently the LNT folks don't object to wood fires (limited to dead & down per DEC of course).

The reference to "burning all household trash is illegal" was in answer to a specific question on the DEC web site. I don't believe it is applicable to this topic. Important to consider the context & quantities in this discussion too.

I also do not believe any ranger would either ticket or warn campers not to burning small items as being against the regulations (especially food contaminated as is the case for me if I ever burn plastic). Bringing the trash home isn't a big deal but it will end up either in a landfill being burned (with better pollution controls than a campfire I agree). But - we're only talking a few ounces here if that.

I'd appreciate any authoritative confirmation about this being illegal if it exists.
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