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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
So how is burning paper products any worse than burning downed wood?

Rulz is rulz right Justin?
Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
Here is what the regs have to say about garbage:

190.3 Camping sites

a. Areas used for temporary camping and adjacent lands under the jurisdiction of the department must be kept in a neat, clean and sanitary condition. Garbage and refuse must either be deposited in receptacles provided, or removed.

So it is pretty clear that burning garbage is a violation of the regulations, as you are not removing it.
Given the propensity of many members of the outdoor recreating public to not do things properly, or even just considering the large numbers of people who recreate in the Adirondack backcountry (and who come to these forums for advice and information about how to behave while hiking and camping), do we really want to be publicly advocating an ethic that encourages everyone to burn their trash on state land?
Well said D, thanks for chiming in.
Bottom line, the fire-pit is not a trash receptacle, even if it's only a paper towel!

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