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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
So it is pretty clear that burning garbage is a violation of the regulations, as you are not removing it. I don't think any ranger would have an issue with groups burning paper, as long as it is incidental- using newspaper to start the fire, etc. If you carried all of your paper waste onto state land to burn, then there would certainly be an issue.
I don't think many people carry paper waste to purposely burn it, but I could be wrong...

Point is really whether or not it is consumed by the fire.

I personally hate food waste in a fire pit for the same reasons you stated and why recyclables should not be burned... it leaves residuals in most cases. If you need to dispose of food that cannot be carried out I would think burying out away from designated areas would be the best alternative just as you would do with feces. If done properly and spread out it's not any different than compost.

I think the issue here and what may strike a nerve with some is those who leave waste behind in the fire pit expecting it to be consumed by the next user. This isn't ignorance, it's as I said before: lack of any regard for the people who share the land. It's not their problem anymore.

You can post as many pictures as you like and complain about it here, but I don't think it will change the situation. Like it or not public land is shared, and some people will not respect it as they should even if they do know the regulations or have some thought of what may impact the environment or future users. The areas are too big to enforce and most rangers aren't out looking to give tickets for people burning trash. Luckily the violation is pretty minor, albeit annoying, in the grand scheme of things. If you look hard enough you can find a million old dumps of trash and relics on the Preserve from former camps and operations that are now historic 'artifacts'. If you see a candy wrapper or a plastic bag in a fire pit and it bothers you, pick it up.

Until you can teach people how to care about these things, I think your effort on here is wasted.
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