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Originally Posted by hobbitling View Post
Hobbitling returns!

Ah...The old adk forum. How I've missed it.
Some of you may remember me as an active resident of the forum years ago. At that point I was in grad school in Albany. Two years ago I graduated, got a job in Ohio, and sadly said goodbye to the Adirondacks and the forum. I've now moved back to the Rochester area. Of course, the first thing I did was head up to the adirondacks and go camping for a few days.

Good to be back from Mordor, as I like to call Ohio, which has the lowest air and water quality of any state, and where rivers have been known to catch fire. Although I may have to change my forum name, since, as every true Tolkien geek knows, hobbits officially become adults at their coming of age at 33 years old, which makes me no longer a hobbitling, but a fully grown hobbit gentleman.
Welcome back sir - and if you'd like a new name, just send me a PM. Maybe Dr. Hobbit at this point? or Professor Hobbit?
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