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New to the forum. I have checked out a few different post before I made my mind up about joining. I would like to take a quick second of your time to introduce myself and say thanks to all of you who have enlightened my mind. So pull up a chair, stump or log and grab a drink of your choice from my anti bear cooler thing. My name is Chuck, I love to camp, hike and explore the outdoors. I currently have an amazing daughter who is 15 months young and a wonder wife (check out my pictures). I am originally from Canandaigua NY, I have moved around lot in my short time here from NY to FL and back a few times before planting my feet again in some good old NY soil. I started out camping when I was just a small guy in cub scouts and have always loved the outdoors. I currently work for a large airgun company in customer service and I have spring fever very bad currently. I am planning a quick camping trip mid next month to the amazing Little Tupper Lake area. I love the ADKs and the views I have often found amazing, including the 3 different black bears I have seen at a distance. So if you happen to see a guy with some tattoo’s out camping, just come over and introduce yourself with a story.
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