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Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post
All you new to the forum slackers...
C'mon, let's hear from you and see what makes you tick.
I see a lot of new members, but know nothing of them.
Thanks for asking……I live in the Village of Lake George…my family goes back 3 generations. Much of what is now the Village used to be my grandfather’s farm. It’s a goofy community but I try to do the best I can to be of use here. I have a reverence for this landscape on many levels….it’s a place worth caring about.
As a matter of fact, I’ve served as an elected official in both Village and Town of LG…still in office. My partner and I are both in the entertainment arts…I, primarily as a staging painter and he, as a radio host in Saratoga…although sometimes he joins me as a guest painter and I join him a guest radio announcer. (Those of us who actually live in the ADKs must have the flexibility and acumen for many skills.) We love being on the water and have a collection of small craft, among them two 16 foot rowing dories; my favorite form of transportation.
I have two grown boy children who are a credit to the planet. Ironically, they both live in NYC. They are much smarter than I am, thank goodness.
So: I am a small town local girl…but as Henry David Thoreau said….
“I have traveled a great deal in Concord.”
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