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Definitive resource for route?

Out-of-towner here, attempting to plan a thru hike.

Just got my NatGeo map #736 of the NPT, ordered direct from NatGeo, dated "2015".

I see that DSettahr has posted on October, 2015 some corrections to campsites on this map. Thank you.

On the website, was posted the Gifford Valley Re-Route on September 16, 2015. This matches the printed NatGeo 736 route. Whew.

I have the 4th edition of the guidebook, copyright 2007, with a map copyright 2007, and a Cedar River Rd re-route insert that is copyright 2010. This seems outdated.

The ADK-Schenectady website reports that "The Adirondack Mountain Club revised and reprinted the Northville-Placid Trail Guide in 2015." Is this accurate? I can only find the "4th Edition" online.

My question to you knowledgeable folks is....Can I rely on the NatGeo #736 for the route and planning (notwithstanding the campsite designations)? Or is there other more recent info I would be missing? I'm thinking of just carrying the 736 map.

Thanks sincerely,

Washington, DC
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