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Originally Posted by haderondah_wild View Post
By my standard I KNOW for a fact that the roads in the Adirondacks are doing a ton of damage. The amount of salt that is used causes major issues for plant life. BUT, I will also say that there is a relatively small area of road frontage compared to the area of lakes, so we live with it. Also the volume of air in the atmosphere is very large compared to the volume of water, so it takes less amount of pollutants to disturb the system. Also newer cars put out very, very small amounts of hydrocarbons and particulates into the air. Two cycle boats burn and dump oil into the water at a very high rate.

And as you know even if you banned cars, the air would still get polluted due to cross effects from other areas, just as some lakes would have become 'dead' from acid rain from factories in Michigan.

Also I do not hike often in the high peaks because I know the trails damage the soils and plant life. It is not so bad when it is contained to only a few miles of trails and when people contain themselves to those trails.

And if you think oil does no damage, then please, let it be dumped into your water - not having a well does not excuse your argument. It does damage, end of story. If you think otherwise then please ask the DEC why they do not allow motors larger than 5hp on Hemlock and Canadice lakes in the FLR. Both those lakes are reservoirs for the drinking supply to Rochester.

Mineral oil is a known carcinogen, even in small doses. You don't see it's effects right away, but it eventually kills life... GUARANTEED and PROVEN in lab rats.

Soil erosion is actually a natural process that takes place in all geological systems. The rate at which it happens and whether it is by humans or not is your concern ONLY. And what does erosion kill other than your willingness to hike a trail? Nothing. It disrupts the plantlife but they will adapt and regrow. That has been proven over and over.
The new 4 stroke motors, along with the new oil injection engines, both on snowmobiles and outboard-motors have become very efficient and clean running. The older 2 strokes are fading away.....

Erosion also effects the aquatic fauna in streams and lakes .

I read on the internet that 'plastic' boats release toxic chemicals into the water also, especially when they scrape bottom and leave those unsightly stripes on the pretty rocks.

And did you now the amount of carbon those packpacking stoves produce!! Talk about a large carbon footprint!!!
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